Text to Speech

Robot Brand Promise

Text to Speech I’ve been bombarded lately by Facebook adverts for Text to Speech products that “sound human”. I’ve been asked what I think of these, given my background in IT, programming and Voice Acting. The best advice I can give is to set your expectations wisely before using this technology. First, understand what you […]

Acting and Voice

War Gaming Voice Acting

Acting and Voice The obvious application of acting with the voice would be radio plays. From an acting perspective, radio plays are similar to stage plays though the obvious difference is that the audience imagine the scene based on vocals, music and sound effects alone. So what, in essence, is the job of an Actor? […]

What is a Voiceover Artist?

Voice Actor

What is a Voiceover Artist? Traditionally, voiceover is any speech, recorded or live, to accompany other media or activity. Examples might be the “Voice of God” introductions over the PA systems at live events, a radio continuity announcer informing listeners of the schedule or a narrator on a nature documentary. Voiceover has evolved massively over […]