What is Voice Acting?

Dramatic Voice Acting

What’s Voice Acting? It’s a combination of voiceover and acting skills. An Actor and Voiceover Artist in one. To understand the differences, take a quick look at these two artistic disciplines in the Voiceover and Acting posts.

But why is this important? Better Radio plays?

Well, no. One of the newer areas of voiceover has been video games. That is, voicing the virtual characters that run around within a game. The immersiveness of the graphics and storylines of these has improved immensely over the years, and the battle for players has often been one of increasing immersion – belief in the reality of the game.

War Gaming Voice Acting

It’s no use investing in immersive cinematic graphics, music and effects if the character audio performances are not of the same quality.

Now, acting is all about generating an emotional response in the audience. This helps immersion. Being able to play a character on a video game in a convincing, entertaining way increases the playability. Acting is highly beneficial in this sector.

However, though acting is essential, the nature of recording for a video game is more akin to what a Voiceover Artist is used to. Both Acting and Voiceover Artist skills are needed. A Voice Actor.


Comedy Voice Acting Professor

With these skills combined and the emergence of home studios, the possibilities blossom in other sectors, particularly corporate.

Where customised audio training and e-learning might only have been open to large corporations, it is now open to all. The importance being that the training can, through the acting skills of the Voice Actor, be made far more interesting and engaging to the trainee, increasing take-up and knowledge retention.

Macbeth. Video gaming voice acting

Audio books read by actors (yep, like that one!) are proven to be far more engaging. Yet the recording environment is of the Voiceover Artist. Voice Actors can do both. 

Now, if this works for audio book stories and video games, why shouldn’t it work for any other story? Like advertising, corporate explainers, product guides, blogs, web articles, sales presentations?

The answer, as you’d expect on a site about a Voice Actor, is that it does work.

Voice Actor

It’s now possible and cost effective to engage the imagination of your audience through the services of a Voice Actor. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find an actor with many voices, making the process even more efficient.

What shall we call that? A Voices Actor? Why not?!