Stewart Magrath - Voice Actor

Stewart Magrath
Professional Voice Actor

Voice Reels

Clips of voice recordings of key types, for a quick idea of my vocal range

Gaming Reel

Dramatic Reel

Commercial Reel

Corporate Reel

Accents Reel

Audio Book & Narrative Reel

Filter a large selection of longer clips by type and style of recording, accent and language.

So much more than words

Experienced Actor

An experienced Actor and trained Voiceover Artist, Stewart  delivers a versatile set of professional Voice Acting services that clients rely on to engage their audiences. 

Voiceover Artist + Actor = Voice Actor.

Trained to Deliver

Being trained in voiceover delivery and voice recording & production techniques means a fast, reliable and accurate service delivery.

Lower production costs. Faster service delivery.

Engaging Characters

Skilled in finding the right vocal nuances, unique to the character in a given situation, Stewart conveys the full meaning of the text to generate the desired emotional response from the listener. 

Deeper immersion and engagement.